Good Design is the Difference Between Chicken Salad and Chicken Sh*t

Howdy There

We are an ADDY award winning design agency, catering to small businesses looking to make a big statement. Wherever you are in the process, Flying Rooster is here to turn your ideas into customer-focused, branded solutions. Armed with years of experience and fine-tuned appreciation for good design, we can build you the best looking coop on the block from the ground up. We love what we do, and know you'll love it, too.

What We Do

Every Business Needs a Coop of One’s Own

You need a strong identity and recognizable brand, so when you ask us to take on your project, it’s all about you. We’ll sit down with you to learn all about you, your business, and your needs. From concept to completion, you’ll have our dedication and attention. We want to know what the face of your business looks like now, and what you want to see in the mirror. We want to know about your customers so we can drive them to you with client-focused advertising solutions and a strong, simple, memorable identity.

Graphic Design

It’s a well known fact. Trade shows, conferences, and corporate events are all about the swag. From top to bottom, Flying Rooster wants you to stand out. We can create a new logo, refresh an old one, and get your brand consistently splashed across business cards, menus, apparel, packaging, signage, billboards, digital banners, marketing items, and ad campaigns. The whole office wants to get matching tattoos? We can design those too.


Photography is a game of split seconds and single chances. Our extensive background in both photojournalism and studio photography makes your projects and ads stronger, impactful, and memorable. Need marketing photos to make your products pop, or maybe the boss just got a haircut and wants new portraits? We got you covered. Your new building is really amazing? Let us highlight those columns and giant windows. Have an idea for something you’d like us to shoot? Let us know.

Meet the Roosters

Roosters are the highest in the pecking order. They’re up at the crack of dawn, leading the way with their creative sounds and colorful feathers. Flying Rooster was born from a childhood friendship, a healthy photography addiction, and the desire to help small businesses make a statement.

Contact Us

Are you ready to start a project with us? Communication is key, and we want to walk you through each step and make it easy for you to grow your business.